La laguna de la Mata (The Mata Lagoon) is a unique and protected environment that includes a tour around de lagoon. We will be able to do it through a well signposted path, on foot or by bicycle. It is broad and hardly uneven. It is ideal for sports or walking with children or pets.

This 700 hectare natural place was declared by the Valencian government as a protected park in 1989.  La laguna de la Mata usually has a greenish or bluish tone throughout the year due to different factors, such as the algae and bacteria that inhabit it. Although it has a high salinity, this level is not as high as the Torrevieja lagoon. It is conected to the sea though a channel through which water is supplied to the lagoon. Its main function, in addition to giving shelter to many birds and animals, is to heat the water that will later be transferred to the lagoon of Torrevieja for the extraction and processing of salt. Together with the natural parks of Torrevieja, Santa Pola and El Hondo, they form a triangle of wetlands pf maximum importance for the fauna, using them for their migrations, nesting areas or resting areas.

In the park you can find picnic areas, lookouts and bird observatories… Which are the great attractions of this protected natural area.

The lagoons of Mata and Torrevieja are undoubtedly a must see. It has a very easy route, well signposted and full of fauna and vegetation.

It is a beautiful place where you can have a walk or lelax in the shade of its pines. From the bird observatories we can see more than one hundred different species. There are also mammals like the fox and reptiles that inhabit the lagoon environment. In the park we can find a center of interpretation and qualified staff to enjoy the maximum of this beautiful lagoon.

In this protected natural place there is a semi-arid Mediterranean climate typical of the area where we are located. The flora in the areas closest to the lagoon is practically nonexistent, caused by the great concentration of salt in its waters. As we move away we can find small plants and bushes until we reach the south area of the lake where we can see different species of pine and eucalyptus.

To get to the natural park La laguna de la Mata, we will go through the national 332 that crosses the park. You can reach from the point where you are right now by clicking on this link.

Have you been to the  natural park of la Mata?. Tell us your experience in the comments. What do you think? Is our data correct?

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