The first reference of the Tower of the Moor dates from 1320 altlhough it is not known if it was raised on the remains of an old tower or was built from scratch. this set declared good of cultural interest, together with the tower of Torrelamata and the tower of Torrevieja that give the name to those municipalities and form the three most important towers, although there were also many others distributed along the coast that formed a set of surveillance and defense along the littoral.

The Tower of the moor is located in a complex that covers 23.000 square meters and has undergone numerous renovations throughout its history. It is possible to emphasize the one that was made in 1960 in which the original construction of masonry of wood was respected and spiral staircase, and the one made in the decade of the 90s where its original shape is modified giving it battlements and the shield of the ciity.

This tower is in a strategic enclave for the pretensions of those days, defense and surveillance, served to communicate with the castle of Orihuela and the other towers through fires and smoke signals warning about what happened there. There used to be a small group of soldiers to protect the coast. It is known that in 1378 it suffered a Muslim attack and troops had to come from Orihuela. In the XVII century King Carlos IV authorized the inhabitants of Torrevieja to start building houses, transferring the administration of the royasl salinas to the old Tower in the middle of the urban center. Although it is not until well into the XIX century when the city begins to have a greater development and industry, mainly the salt business.

The Tower of the Moor is one of the best places of the whole city to see the sunrise.

This declared space of cultural interest has a large recreational space with green areas, it is provided with bins, a kiosk with terrace that usually opens in summer, and benches to sit and enjoy its wonderful views of the sea. It is not strange to see newly married couples taking photos of their wedding album or tourists.  

Have you ever visited the Moor’s Tower? What do you think about its facilities? Could you climb the tower and take a bautiful photo of its views? Leave us a comment and share your experience with us. If you have never been and you would like to know it, you can get to the point where you are now by clicking on this link.

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