The station park (parque de la estación) is a medium-size park located between the old railway station and the Dona Sinforosa park in the Acequión area. It is a park dedicated mainly to the practice of skateboarding, although it also hjas other services that we can enjoy.

The skate track is quite large and is built of concrete with several spins and curves, it has a railing on the ground and some inclined plane. There is also an skating club in Torrevieja that from time to time makes meetings to practice all together.

The only skate park in the entire city.

The park has accesses all around the perimeter and we can find more services and activities to enjoy. Once inside we can see that it has walking grass areas, benches on which to sit and shaded areas thanks to the trees. A curiosity is that it has roosters and chickens that live in freedom in the park.

In addition to the skate track, there is a kiosk that opens in the afternoons, a small playground quite careless but safe, bins throughout the enclosure, a fountain that works, and toilets that are not open.

In El parque de la estación we can find a miniature reproduction of the gothic cathedral of Oviedo and a commemorative plaque that tells us about the brother towns of Torrevieja and Oviedo.Also as an exhibition we find a section of the old railway, previously installed there, and a small chapel that is closed today.

To get to the park from the point where you are, click on this link.

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