Today we are approaching to visit a unique corner in Torrevieja. El parque Doña Sinforosa ( Dona Sinforosa park), a park with a beautiful history located right next to the acequiòn beach, which was close to not seeing the light.

It all began in the early twentieth century when the Ayuso family, which was dedicated to the export of fruits, bought and renovated the old house that was there. They highlighted the stands of seven porches that went into the beach of the acequión and a great room to which it was denominated “Salón Sevilla” (Seville lounge). it was custom that it was full of guests.

During the Spanish Civil War the house was converted into a hospital that had two hundred beds. It was destined so that the wounded ones in the front, previous step by the hospitals of camppaign, passed their convalecencia there before returning to the combat.

Dona Sinforosa was the wife of the landowner Antonio Gómez. She was known by all for her affable character and great generosity, The anecdotes tell us how she let all the kids in the area play on her garden and she was always willing to offer what she had to those who needed it most. This great person who was very loved in Torrevieja, died on November 29, 1929 at 68 years of age, producing a funeral so multitudinary that surprised everyone.

In 1988 a great stir is formed in Torrevieja. The city council decides that these lands and others in the surroundings are now developable and grants building permits. All the opposition in block was denied asking do not end with an area declared of scientific interest and that all the citizens saw it as an oasis in front of the sea. After several and multitudinous demonstrations, the consitory changes its mind and decides to save this unique space puttting the name of this person so dear in Torrevieja “doña Sinforosa“.

A park with a beautiful history located right next to the beach of the acequión, that  it was on the verge of not seeing the light.

Today we can find a beautiful park full of large pines, leafy equalipts, palm trees that rise several meters from the ground and shelter many species of birds that live there. Its cobbled roads invite you to sit and read, enjoy its green areas a step away from the beach or share confidences with a loved one in the shade of its trees.

In our visit to the park of Dona Sinforosa we enjoyed a restored fountain that launches powerful vertical water jet and a pergola, which according to the locals tell us the band “unión musical torrevejense” (Torrevejense musical union) plays occasionally. Right next to the pergola we found the toilets that were closed in our visit, a children’s area, which although it is evident that the years have been punished it, it is quite large, with sandy soil and we can continue enjoying it safely.

To get to the park dona Sinforosa from the point where you are now, click on this link. 

Do you know doña Sinforosa park? Have you ever seen it? Do you have any anecdote or curiosity that you want to share with us? If so, share it so that we all enjoy a little more of this beautiful park next to the sea. 

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