One of the best natural parks of Torrevieja, has a picnic area with tables and benches to eat under the pines, with a lot of access from several streets, with parking for the disabled in the same area. 

Negative points, sources of drinking water do not work, the playground is very small compared to the size of the park and the ground is dirt, not suitable for the little ones. Bathing in the lake and stream are prohibited, but it is a very quiet place to read under a pine tree or even get to the beach without having to leave the park.

It is an ideal place to take a long walk and get lost in its dunes. The park is fully prepared with paths and cobblestone roads for which you can walk or sitting from time to time on the benches scattered throughout the park to enjoy its flora and fauna, or enjoy a picnic under the shade of its pines in its multiple picnic areas. It has a great variety of wild songbirds and squirrel that live in the abundant trees.

The main square of the mill covers an area of 5.000 square meters and it is an exceptionally old windmill reconstructed in an exact way to those used in Torrevieja in the 19th century to grind grain and salt. From the main access to the park we can find the path that runs alongside the stream and flows into a beautiful large artificial lake.

From this path we can get into the deepest part of the park where we will find different roads that will let us get lost or even reach the shore of the beach.In the part closest to the beach is the wooden promenade that runs along the width of the park with small slopes that will let us enjoy the spectacular landscape that its sand dunes offer.

water mill park is an extensive natural area that has 17.000 square meters and is separated from the beach by the promenade. At the same time, the park is integrated into a wider system of which others parks are part, such as the natural park of “the Mata or Torrevieja saltworks”

In 2009 there was a fire, burning an approximate area of 1.500 square meters of vegetation and scrub. Today the park is fully recovered being one of the green lungs of the city of Torrevieja. 

You can get to this park from the point where you are right now by clicking on this link.

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