The beach of los locos is a beach of fine golden sand located at the exit of the city. It has many services, such as a lifefuard stand, gift shops, stand-up showers, litter bins every few meters and a shopping area nearby. In the past a psychiatric hospital was housed near the beach that little by little was given the name “playa de los locos” (“Beach of the crazy people”). 

The beach of los locos is inside a small bay with breakwaters on the sides from where it is normal to see fishermen from the area or children trying to catch some crabs. This bay makes it a a beach with calm waves and clear waters. It has a wide promenade that runs along the beach. It is provided with a service for renting hammocks, showers for the feet, litter bins. It is a very busy beach in summer due to its proximity to the center of the city, with a narrow beach width in the central part. Some parts can be difficult to find a place to be located.

It is an urban beach located in the north of Torrevieja. It gets its name because it had once been a psychiatric in the vicinity.

This beach is awarded with the blue flag. It is easily accessible and is located within the urban area. Adapted for handicapped people, with beacons for the exit of boats without motor, with flags of signaling of the state of the sea and lifeguard.

You can get to the beach of los locos from the point where you are right now by clicking on this link. 

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