Las piscinas naturales de Torrevieja (The natural pools on Torrevieja) are a great attraction for people who prefer to enjoy a bathing environment without waves. They were built when the Juan Aparicio promenade was remodeled in 2010.

Las piscinas naturales are between La playa del cura (the beach of the priest) and the maritime port. They were artificially made with stone breakwaters creating three very calm water areas with access for the disabled and all the necessary services, such as benches, litter bins, showers for the feet, kiosk, bar areas, shops and night lighting.

The pools are accessed from the promenade. The first thing we find is a large concrete area with benches and surrounded by palm trees. We can choose any of the two natural pools that are next to each other. In one we find that from the concrete platform we access to the bathing through wide stairs or from its wooden platform that goes several meters into the sea, being this more designed for the bathing, where it is very normal to see people snorkeling and enjoying the unique posidonia meadow in the area.

The other is also accessed from the promenade to a concrete platform. It also has benches and palm trees around it. This is more designed as a beach area. It is surrounded also by artificial stone breakwaters. It is ideal to enjoy a quiet bathing or going with the smallest, with little risk.

Next to the natural pools is “la bella Lola” (beautiful Lola).You can not leave Torrevieja without taking a picture with her. You will find her sitting on one of the rock benches of Juan Aparicio promenade.

It is worth noting that between the beginning of Juan aparicio promenade and the natural pools, you can acess the area of rocks that accompanies the walk, where there are installed every several meters, stairs and benches where you can sit and watch the waves break against the rocks.

Have you been to the natural pools of Torrevieja? Have you managed to park in summer? Did you enjoy snorkeling? Leave us a comment and share your experience with us. How to get to the natural pools of Torrevieja? If you have never been and you would like to know them, you can arrive from the point where you are right now by clicking here.

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