It is within the bay of the port and its name is related to the kilometer gutter through which the Mediterranean communicates with the lagoon of Torrevieja and served to evacuate brines and waste, or allow the passage of water from the sea to fill the salt flats. This is the only construction of Torrevieja with more than five centuries of history. 

The acequión beach, is a golden sand beach where all the peope who prefer to enjoy calm waters and the spectacular views of the harbor boats meet.It is about 400 meters long and about 45 meters wide and a mostly wet beach. 

Acess to this Acequión beach is done on foot or by car having to park in the surrounding streets. Along the beach we can find several restaurants with a terrace to be able to have a drink at the edge of the beach. If you order the drink to take it, you can take it to the beach in plastic cups. Always remember to throw it in a container when you leave, not to the sea.

The Acequión beach has a high occupancy level in summer and does not have toilets but is is near the toilets of the Naùfragos beach, you just have to cross the salt tape. It does not have a promenade although there are showers to wash your feet, wastebaskets, a mulltitude of bars, a kiosk and acess ramp.It has regular cleaning services that is usually done first thing in the morning.This beach is ideal for all kinds os rowing sports due to its calm waters where it will cost you to find a single wave.

Located just one kilometer from the salt flats, you can see from it the famous salt tape that is responsible for transporting the salt from the salt flats to loading it on the ships.

Still don’t know how to get tyo the Acequión beach? You can reach to this beach  from the point where you are right now by clicking on this link.

Have you seen the Acequión beach yet? Did it cost you a lot to park? If you have any anecdote or advice for future visitors, do not forget to leave us your comment.

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